About us

PhillyRentalHQ, founded in 2017, is a collective of Philadelphia rental properties that is focused on creating a comfortable and beneficial living environment for all renters, whether they be students or in the workforce.  We are an eclectic team that are constantly working to improve and maintain our growing portfolio of properties – in West Philadelphia, South Philadelphia and Center City – in order to furnish our renters with the best rental living experience.
PhillyRentalHQ provides an extensive layer of services on top of “just” renting: we can help you settle in to your new home by pointing out all the local amenities, preparing linens ahead of time if you should need it, assisting with a first buy-the-necessities trip to a local grocery or department store, navigating local paperwork in your own language (we can cover most dialects of Chinese, Malay/Indonesian, Dutch, Italian and French, among others) and other esoteric items.  Just ask!
If you would like to start your apartment search or inquire about any of the listed properties, please give us a call at (267) 388-0724 or send us a message at bkho@phillyrentalhq.com.  We’d love to hear from you!